First Round bet

Posted by Mall on 10:58 AM, 01-Apr-15

First Round

Cleveland vs Chicago: Not enough parity in the league for any other result.

Boston vs Miami: You thought the Celtics looked like they’d lost a step during the regular season? This is where they realize it’s time to bet on basketball in sbobet rebuild.

Atlanta vs Milwaukee: Atlanta’s got too much for dem Bucks.

Orlando vs Charlotte: Nice to see Charlotte in the playoffs. You should be proud of that.

Lakers vs Oklahoma City: The Thunder get more wins than expected confirming that the Lakers are struggling, but Durant can’t win it alone.

Denver vs Utah: Denver dominated the season series only losing with Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups out.

Phoenix vs Portland: Portland won the season series 2-1 and they play a solid defensive game that should stymie the Suns offense.

Dallas vs San Antonio: Dallas has too much going for them to lose here.

Conference Semi-Final

Cleveland vs Miami: The Cavs continue to roll on through.

Atlanta vs Orlando: Atlanta will make this one closer than anyone expects.

Lakers vs Denver: After a mediocre first-round performance by the Lakers, the Nuggets push the Lakers to seven before falling.

Portland vs Dallas: The Mavs walk over a team that’s just celebrating making it past the first round with all of their injuries.

Conference Final

Cleveland vs Orlando: Orlando pushes this to 6 games and almost forces a 7th.

Lakers vs Dallas: Lakers struggles finally catch up to them against the team built to beat them.

NBA Finals

Cleveland vs Dallas: LeBron gets his championship. Much gets written about how this now truly qualifies him for greatness.

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